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Well we always seems to have reasons for our silence..but this ones hard to beat. Deepak has been away at Scifoo , the foo camp organized by Tim Oreilly and Timo Hannay from the Nature publishing group.

You can catch the excitement at this years scifoo conference at deepaks twitter feed , his blog or his kyte TV channel . Also the scifoo community does a very good job of collecting posts related to the conference on the connotea a citation manager at the tag “scifoo“.

Deepak also managed to get his nose into a wonderful session by Moshe and the Jove gang on video in the sciences and even talked to Tim O’Reilly himself about screencasting. Sounds like a tonne of fun.Cant wait to hear more about what went on.

Hari for

refs: For a screencast on using connotea to discover content check out this screencast


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