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We are always wanting to get the word out about bioscreencast and the benefits of screencasting as a medium of sharing knowledge. The way we see it, we really want to get scientists and students alike sharing their screencasts on our site and try our best to tell everyone about it.

It felt nice to see our short spiel about our site featured on slideshare, which incidentally is a good way to share your presentations and slides with others.

Check out our slides on slideshare here


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The session on Communicating Science with Video at the Scifoo Lives On section on Second Nature (SLURL) was loads of fun. There were three presentations. I kicked things off by talking about Bioscreencast, then Jean-Claude gave a talk about how he has leveraged YouTube for recording experiments, and finally someone from SciVee gave a talk on SciVee. Berci live blogged the whole session.

Presenting Bioscreencast in Second Life
Picture credit – Berci Mesko via a Creative Commons license

The session was rather well attended. Both Hari and I were able to attend. I hope we gave people an idea of what Bioscreencast is all about and what we are trying to do. It was really cool to have the SciVee folks presenting as well and to find out a little more about the SciVee backstory. There were some excellent questions as well. One of the people in the audience, a social scientist (I forget the avatar) suggested that we host flash animations as well. That’s a wonderful idea and it fits into our philosophy of allowing people to learn via the web. The barrier to creating flash animations is a lot higher, so we don’t expect too many, but looking forward to our first one. In general, I am looking forward to questions and screencasts from today’s attendees.

I also put up a modified (longer) version of today’s presentation on Slideshare.

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